CH-Rom's weirdo dance music

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CH-Rom, Call Me Rom ()

The constant well-spring of digital releases coming from the aforementioned nexus

of dANAs and Best Hits serves up another in the guise of CH-Rom, the Charlie Lanning half of dANA.

There's a beat or a pulse skewering the whole thing as a trembling, skittery dance music. If you're tired of the 80s being chopped and screwed with, like on the track “Mutant Fever”, then reframe the debate, and you've got a keyhole into where the blips and bleeps began, like with “Heart Of The New Highway pt. 2”, which sounds like the radio dial being circled on a world that only broadcasts Kraftwerk.

CH-Rom, “Star of the Interface”

CH-Rom, “Heart Of The New Highway pt. 2”

CH-Rom, “Mutant Fever”