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Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings is the bedroom project of Dylan Baldi, an 18 year old Cleveland kid that probably hasnt' the foggiest as to what to make of his recent blog love.

Baldi's got the Kanye back story. He's a college dropout who said, “fuck scholarly shit” and spent three months in his bedroom playing and singing. Those three months led to “Hey Cool Kid” and “Whaddaya Wanna Know?” After posting the songs to his Myspace page, a momentum catapulted Baldi into unheard of “firsts” like his first show was a month ago opening for Real Estate and Woods. First show!

Here's another first for Dylan. We will refrain from comparing his band to Blink 182 or using the word “ebullient.” Personally, we endorse Cloud Nothings for being from Cleveland and not being bratty like all the other youngsters in lo-fi. We hear that special estrangement that cakes the Rust Belt like morning fresh smog.

His first record Turning On is out now on Bridgetown, available in CD and cassette formats.

The vinyl version is out February 23 on Speakertree Records.

Brooklyn kids head to Monster Island on Saturday to see Cloud Nothings, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Beach Fossils and Nude Beach.

Cloud Nothings, “Hey Cool Kid”

Cloud Nothings, “Can't Stay Awake”