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Pack FM's latest single “Happy Days” addresses our happy state of mind with a laundry list of gripes that will wipe that smile off your silly face.

Pack FM's “Happy Days” plays out like a cynic's take on Skillz' year wrap-up song. Pack FM raises some valid points proving life in this new decade might not be as hunky dory as they seem. Funny how the mid-noughties seem like ages ago and statements like “fuck bush” and “hip hop is dead” feel like foreign diatribe.

Pack dances on that fine line between criticism and being a curmudgeon, but proves he's aware of his position with “you may think that I'm complaining, but at least I ain't complacent.” As a writer, I have to concur with Pack's line regarding Twitter, “perhaps it's just a gap inbetween the generations / when a 140 characters passes for a statement.” Twitter must be stopped!

Get Pack FM's “Happy Days” single here.

Pack FM, “Happy Days”