The Dream Scene is like an L.A. Law nightmare

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The Dream Scene

For those of you old enough, remember L.A. Law? Remember the retarded guy they had on the show? In fact, now that I think about it… L.A. Law, Corky, those Olympic McDonald's commercials… the late 80s and early 90s were the heyday for retarded actors.

Which brings us to the fine folks at Party Party Partners. The Athens, GA collective of musicians has spawned into a label and booking juggernaut, most recently puting out a new CDR split between label stalwarts Quiet Hooves and The Dream Scene. Half of the songs were already made available on their first label compilation, so this CD represents four new tracks–two from each band.

Nothing against Quiet Hooves, as they seem destined to garner a lot of attention in '10, but it's The Dream Scene I find cerebly enticing. Even their lack of information–Javier Morales, who produces most of PPPs recordings, is responsible for writing the music, while no other information is available–is intriguing. Morales also partakes in the video arts, with the Dream Scene being a visual vehicle it would seem. But that's about all I can surmise.

So I'm left to my own devices. Left to let my mind wander, The Dream Scene's music made me think of the background music for a dance scene on a television show featuring the mentally challenged–most likely on an 80s criminal investigation drama. Bam! L.A. Law.

The Dream Scene, “High Speed Human”

The Dream Scene, “Hit Rewind”