Cult Choir and Selah​.​Selah, Cobwebs Split EP

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cult choir

There might be more going on in Cult Choir and Selah.Selah's split EP, Cobwebs, than we have time to parse out in one gulp, what with Cult Choir's Shane Graybill sounding like Ian Curtis plopped a Western and Selah.Selah's Nick Curran like Neil Young in a haunted house. The EP's four epic tracks (two from each, alternating) are overflowing with studied influences, but also a level of experimentation that lends the project its mystery. Though the EP wasn't exactly a collaboration, the tracks somehow sound as if the same DNA of goth and post-punk runs through them. CC's “Demons” and SS's “Wayfaring Stranger” ground themselves in similar metallic The Durutti Column-esque guitar improvisations. However, each track casts distinct shade, and the noir palette is not to be missed.

You can get the whole EP for a price of your choosing from Bandcamp, and stream all four tracks below.