Secret Colours, “City Slicker”

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Secret Colours are far from what they used be when they released their debut LP, Peach, last May. But the two remaining original members, vocalist/guitarist Tommy Evans and drummer Justin Frederick, embraced the struggles and changes that come with being a six-piece rock band. Consisting now of only four members, Secret Colours is back with their second single, “City Slicker,” off of the first of two upcoming EPs, Positive Distractions Part I & II. Despite their slimmer look, City Slicker is bursting at the seams with a sense of fearlessness, filling out speakers like never before. At the core of this track is simple and intelligent songwriting, but good look getting there under hard-hitting layers of meticulously crafted psychedelic vocals and huge guitar tones.

Positive Distractions Part I is out February 4, and Positive Distractions Part II, April 29.