Dan Friel, “Ulysses (Peaking Lights Remix)”

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Dan Friel Valedictorian/Exoskeleton 12"

I know overt opinions in track posts may be an outdated practice, but it's hard for me not to gush when it comes to Dan Friel and Peaking Lights; quite possibly two of my favorite music producers, and three of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Exactly the reason we paired them together at one of our 2012 Austin Imposition shows. So consider this a conflict of interest.

Whether or not a meeting of the PL / Dan Friel minds came about from the aforementioned show is inconsequential, because the result is a perfect marriage of everything you love of both. Friel's melodic knob-twisting descends into a two-step dub beat that could fit equally at home next to your SBTRKT or A New Chapter of Dub records. This three-decade window of time is a testament to Peaking Lights astute attention to detail. Of course, like any good dub track, it lasts a comfortable 12+ minutes. Just enough time to zone out, forget how much you were enjoying it, and relinquish to hitting play again.

Peaking Lights' remix of “Ulysses” is one of four tracks on Friel's Valedictorian/Exoskeleton 12″, which comes out today via Thrill Jockey. To help celebrate Dan's TJ debut, we're giving away a copy of the record to the person who can offer up the best caption for what was going through Dan's head in this classic Nate Dorr photo. You can post your caption's in the comment section below, on our Facebook or Twitter. The contest ends next Monday, October 22 at noon—incidentally the same day he plays the Titus Andronicus' record release show at Shea Stadium.

Dan Friel

Caption this photo of Dan Friel circa 2010.