Dan Selzer, “A Heavenly Imposition Mix”

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New York has its idioms, nicknames, and cultural fodder to represent its 24 hour, 365 day waking life since the first skyscraper dared pierce the heavens. At this very moment a scene, known to only a select few, is burgeoning somewhere in New York City’s veins and boroughs on the aspiration that sleep is for the dead and the party ends when we’re on the verge of it. This spark happens nightly. It is possible that Dan Selzer coined his New York Endless moniker with that spirit in mind.

At this point Selzer gets the “he’s been around since…” treatment and that varies with mentions of early Plant Bar deejay nights to collaborations with The Rapture and Mike Simonetti, and founding punk reissue label Acute Records. With 20 years of immersion in his system, he’s earned the New York Endless moniker. Selzer’s “A Heavenly Imposition Mix”, brownie points for the word play, is centered the maximal thump of big beat, the drums integral, while the minimalist flair leashes the pace from rising crescendos, or what kids these days call drops. See all that rise and release, it gets tiring. A good mix grabs hold of you, locks you into a mesmerized state and only jolts you ever so slightly just to test your pulse and delivers low dose adrenal gland injections that will make the endless feel like a few harmless hours.

Selzer on “A Heavenly Imposition Mix”:

I see this mix as a sort of extension to the type of stuff I played on Beats In Space in November. Maximal minimalist techno (not to be confused with minimal techno) and some heavenly atmospheres.

01 Groj, “Five Crowns”
02 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, “Sundry”
03 Function, “Inter”
04 Cosmonaut Grechko, “EE”
05 Tambien, “Are You In Touch w/ Varan?”
06 Barnt, “What is a Number, That a Man May Know It?”
07 Omar S, “Here’s Your Trance Now Dance!”
08 Jeremy Greenspan & Laurie Spiegel, “Drums&Drums&Drums”
09 Plastikman, “Koma”
10 High Lonesome Sound System, “Psychic Dreaming”
11 Janet Jackson, “Miss You Much (Oh I Like That Mix)”
12 Florence, “A Touch Of Heaven”
13 Kevin Saunderson, “Heavenly (Original Mix, Interlude)”
14 Leslie Winer, “Flove”
15 Holger Hiller, “Egg”
16 Dome, “Rolling Upon My Day”

New York Endless’ Strategies EP is out now on Golf Channel.