Stream BS1, a compilation of demos from David Blaine’s the Steakhouse

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A couple of days ago, we showed you a new video from LVL UP called “DBTS”, short for David Blaine’s The Steakhouse, a house show space in Brooklyn where half of the band lives, along with other musicians and artists. Today, the DIY venue is sharing its latest project, a compilation of demos and home recordings by residents and friends released via Steakhouse Records. It’s called BS1 and includes contributions by Trace Mountains (a/k/a Dave Benton of LVL UP), Painted Zeros, Small Wonder, Jim Hill of Slight, Cameron Wisch of Porches. and others. Adam Kolodny of the Steakhouse says the comp was inspired by Shithead, a demos project that Greg Rutkin of LVL UP used to organize. He wrote in an email:

“I found myself listening to those mixtapes a lot recently, catching glimpses of artists that I’ve come to know and appreciate long after those recordings made their way online. Knowing that I had access to so many great artists, who had these sorts of [demos] sitting on a harddrive somewhere, or had things written that didn’t work with their current projects, made me want to create some sort of outlet for these songs to get to the people who would appreciate them … What came from that was DBTS: BS, designed to be a continuous cycle of releases. My initial concept was that we would release a new edition every time that we received ten songs, that is what happened with BS1. Each edition will be curated by someone different, starting with the 6 current steakholders (residents) of DBTS. The songs are not heavily curated or scrutinized, instead we chose to invite artists that we consider part of the DBTS extended family of musicians. It serves as a representation of the community that we love, and those who have supported us.”

Stream the comp below.