Moss of Aura remixes Danny Brown's “Grown Up”

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Moss of Aura Danny Brown remix

Moss of Aura, or Future Islands' Gerrit Welmers, adds a funky bassline and a signature new wave lead to Danny Brown's “Grown Up”. Welmers' beat is loud, but unlike a lot of rap remixes, it doesn't overpower the rhymes. “Grown Up” is about being young through a tough time, and is almost like a short musical memoir–just further proof that there is more to Danny Brown than adderall and crazy haircuts. Moss of Aura's tracks often carry a certain vintage aura, which seems to go perfectly with a song about childhood–the remix might bring up some nostalgia to what Danny was listening to 20 years ago.

Stream the track below, and check out some more new Moss of Aura remixes on his Soundcloud.