GANGI, “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” + Rainbow Arabia remix

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GANGI is proud to present their video for “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” directed by Dan Plaza along with a remix from Rainbow Arabia. Following up recent videos for “Gold” and “Railways Nos 1-27“, Matt Gangi and Eric Chramosta escape the LA city sprawl of obfuscations from reality to traverse the deserts, foothills and golden waves of grain. Leaving the atmospheres of unforgettable smoggy grey skies, a tribal bongo beat guides the two “through the sky's strange patterns you can't forget”.

The direction from Mr. Plaza transposes images of Matt and Eric's travels with the passing of dry brush, hillsides that are soon contrasted against the Los Angelian city of eternal freeways, industries and eternal night. With the chorus chants of “you all know”, imposed shapes of squares, triangles, circles and other assembled patterns; they return to the world of construction site developments, concrete castles, exchanging their earlier views of a crescent moon now hindered by the metropolitan light pollutions and glow of LA street lamps.

Then we have the premiere of Rainbow Arabia's remix treatment of “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” that provides a new set of keyboards that coast on a seamless glide into the smooth saxophone sound that has been making a big return to the music world as of late.

The tribal percussion of the original gets reconfigured and traded for drum machine sequencing while Matt's vocals are treated with a slight echo chamber reverberation. The original sputtering sound effects make cameos in the Rainbow mix while the new keyboard additions create new digitized possibilities. Where the original explores the duality of unfettered nature and city development; Rainbow Arabia turns the song's transcendent qualities into a transformative experience where we re-imagine Dan Plaza's nature versus nurture visuals as an auditory tabula rasa development of land into the empirical asphalt world. The droning sustains are traded for rhythmic structures of synthesized diamond encrusted keys build the threatening events from the natural land in metronomic time; sight unhindered.

The new GANGI album gesture is has arrived and is available now from the Office of Analogue and Digital.