DD/MM/YYYY Share Unreleased Material

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Hey, you know it's OK to be sad that DD/MM/YYYY aren’t around anymore, right? The Canadian experimental rock outfit was amazing. I’m reminded every time I hit up the Impose office; their show posters are some of the slickest artwork we have on our walls. Still, it’s been three years since their last release and a year since they broke up, so I’ve learned to cope.

It seems however, DD/MM/YYYY weren’t happy with my reconciled sadness; they have gone and released the rest of their unreleased tracks on an album called Unheard Music. The release consists of studio stuff, live songs, and some demos from an unfinished fourth LP, and jams and scraps from back in the day, which are sure to be interesting. The kicker is that the band is not trying to cash out with an expensive box-set. The dudes are giving the nine tracks away at a “pay what you like” cost. It's like an ex-girlfriend who I just got over gave me a really thoughtful birthday present. It’s nice, but damn, it kind of hurts and now I just want her back… Except with this release it's like I get to date her for a little while longer, which is cool, too. I'll live.

In a universal fashion, the release comes on 12/12/2012, a day that is same date anywhere you happen to hail from: a fitting end for a date-centric band. Plus, the whole thing rings like a poetic thanks to their fans, which is pretty damn cool coming from any band whether they’re defunct or not. So there you have it: DD/MM/YYYY is still awesome as hell. No shock there.

Get over to their Bandcamp and re-spark your heartache in one of the more fun ways that is possible. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to rock out and get all heady and stuff.