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Deep Tapes Compilation

You think this is gonna be some triangle infested chillwave wonkery but what you actually get is a song by Dragonforce's little brother (spiritually speaking), a hardcore meatball grinder, a deep-granulated noise odyssey that quickly buries 12 meaningless minutes of your life in sonic ennui, and, no Deep Magic's not chillwave, no matter how many triangles got thrown at us in the email about this free comp from Deep Tapes:

∆ inner star energy transmissions coming on unknown formats soon ∆∆∆ mind waves ∆∆∆ planetary roots ∆∆∆ dream vision ∆∆∆ split with water lily jaguar ∆∆∆ split with pine smoke lodge ∆∆∆ vibrational levitations on aural/visual media ∆∆∆ rob magill ∆∆∆ maura sullivan ∆∆∆ dreamcolour tapes/lp ∆∆∆ olympus mons / ‘reflections of bliss lake’ cs ∆∆∆ celestial undulating waveformmindwaveformations ∆

Dragonforce spawn:

Methuzela Enzyme, “Bright as the Sun, Part 2”

High-caloric sludge:

Earth Surfers, “Skatan”

Deep noise:

Olympus Mons, “Aural Alchemy, Pt. 1”

Not chillwave:

Deep Magic, “Dream Vision”

Download the very cool, very solid compilation from Deep Tapes here.

And while we have a fraction of your attention, may we ask, when will the triangle epidemic end? Are there other shapes easily generated by pressing more than one button on our computer keyboards?

Here are some suggestions:



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