VerBS, The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yea Man

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West coast goofball VerBS generated noise here and there by touring with Murs, dropping a stellar EP with Intuition called Buzz and a guest spot on Nocando's debut Jimmy The Lock. He's a member of several crews and groups like Swim Team and a project with Alpha MC called Red Foxx. VerBS is also an unofficial member of Team Zissou with that red beanie he's always rocking.

The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yea Man is an amalgamation of music VerBS has been sitting on, with remixes, collabs and unreleased tracks he has yet to find a home for. A couple songs might have already graced the radar like his appearance on “I'm On” from Nocando's record, which he tears apart a Thavius Beck beat with bars like “Instead stalling like Joseph I push forth / look dog, hella brolic / flow so melancholic.” Also present is “Stop Acting Like A Douche” which is VerBS experiment with indie-pop that got him love from The FMLY

Most of the content is a solid representation of my understanding of VerBS as a cool LA homie. The songs are whimsical, full of sing-songy choruses like the one on “I just think you're cool” and equally silly bars like “catch me at the spot where androgynous dykes be / their clothes hella cheap and their bikes hella pricey.”

Download The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yea Man here.

VerBS, “Stop Acting Like A Douche”

VerBS, “I just think you're cool” (feat. L. Scatterbrain & Alpha MC)

VerBS, “Pass The Tea” (feat. SLiK)