Dexateens, “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell”

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Breaking up is hard to do. And for the Alabama based Dexateens, it seems they worked out the hard stuff, because they’ve reunited to release their previously recorded (yet unreleased) Teenage Hallelujah. Five years after the members parted ways, they’re back, equipped with garage rock infused tracks, akin to Black Lips and indie favorites Parquet Courts. Consisting of original members Elliott McPherson, Matt Patton, Brian Gosdin, Brad Armstrong, and Taylor Hollingsworth filling Lee Bains’ slot; The Dextaeens approach rock with all guards down– leaving us with nothing but Ramones-style feel good tracks.

“Eat Cornbread Raise Hell” reads like a Southern anthem for anyone looking to skip school, skip work, or skip any responsibility those two leave out. The outlandish subject matter shows the humor the Dexateens wear so well– sort of a tongue in cheek homage to the “Let them eat cake” mentality. With aggressive drums and unresolved tension, the track rides us along to the bitter end, making for a great ennui mantra. With such a carefree air about them, it makes sense that the Dexateens are just regular dudes in real life, too– the band includes a cabinet maker, a carpenter, and multiple restaurant and bar employees. Very much down to earth, the Dexateens create music that is smooth, but rough in all the right places, as “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell” shows so well.

Teenage Hallelujah is out October 7th on Cornelius Chapel Records. It is available for preorder now