Diplo turns Deerhunter into the chillwave

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bradford cox and diplo

In our tidy universe there is absolutely no elbow room in which our Aryan DJ from Philly can wiggle his world music bone to the side and leave space to turn Deerhunter into the gut-bustingly smooth closing track to the late night Ultimate Dance Party Lounge Vol 4.

Deerhunter, Helicopter (Diplo and Lunice Remix)

But he did it.

Though to his credit, if you thought that Diplo was pandering to the new age kids, then you didn't catch the pitch-fucked Star Slinger remix.

Deerhunter, Helicopter (Star Slinger Remix)

In everyone's defense, remixers seized on this single for the plain reason that the original “Helicopter” is the chilliest, most Atlas Sounding of all that graces Halcyon Digest.

Deerhunter, Helicopter