Dog Orchestra, “Broke”

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“Broke” is the newest single from Swedish duo Dog Orchestra, and its release today marks an incredible exclusive debut on IMPOSE. Dog Orchestra has been working on their upcoming EP, which includes their previous singles, “Hotel” and “CLUB Fragil (ft. Lune)”.

“Broke” is just simply haunting. The vocals are hushed but exposed and raw. You feel like you’re listening to something intimate when you hear the song. It’s dark and sad and very broody as the band sings, “so wait for me cause when I get my money / I’ll kill him and marry you for love.” This track explores the ideas of materialism and the tolls that the burden of monetary necessities takes on relationships with lines like, “But I need my penthouse suite / My Tuesday margaritas / Yeah, I need my retail therapy / And Zooey Deschanel”. (Not sure what Zooey has to do with it, but we like New Girl. So we get it.)

This heartbreaking track is one of a kind, and definitely one you won’t forget.


Keep up with Dog Orchestra, and keep your ear to the ground for their upcoming EP!