Raccoon Fighter, “LVLR”

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As exciting as it may be to say I have something in common with Raccoon Fighter, it isn’t anything amazing. For those who are curious, the wifi password in my apartment is “giftedraccoon75.” (Thanks for that, disappointing and irrelevant–therefore it shall remain unnamed–cable company.) The band–made up of the unique personalities of Zac Ciancaglini (drums), Sean Gavigan (vocals, guitar), and Gabe Wilhelm (vocals, baritone guitar)–is a self-proclaimed “garage rock, psych surf pop, psycho fuzz explosion” from Queens. We’re proud to announce we’ve nabbed the exclusive premiere of their latest track, “LVLR”, available below.

“We were the Guinea pigs for a studio experiment for the engineer, Rich Crescenti,” Gabe Wilhelm (vocals, baritone guitar) elaborates. “So we decided to make an EP out of it. “LVLR” is a song about confidence, or over-confidence, depending on how you look at it. The guy is so confident about getting what he wants that he sees himself as almost a mythical creature.” 

The reverb in the beginning is entrancing, and the beat is something you can’t help but dance to. Never mind the fact that the subject matter makes the protagonist seem a little pretentious, we’re in love with the fact that the lyrics in the song actually aid in instilling self-confidence in anyone who chooses to sing it loud and proud. The tempo slow down in the song brings even more of a psychedelic feel to the single, and we’re not against the fact that this song almost transports us to another time.

You know, a time when psychedelic drugs were a staple in society and people danced in the streets. That kind of time.

Hover Craft is available on August 26th via PaperCup Media. Keep up to date with the band here