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one be lo

Michigan emcee One.Be.Lo operates below most radars, but such is the dilemma when you're an emcee's emcee.

If you recognize his mug and see him at a show, my advice is greet One.Be.Lo. Each time I approach Lo, I leave with music in hand. When I ran into him at a Women of Hip Hop Showcase at SXSW, I left with a three song demo of a live set with his band of female musicians called DoubleLo7. Is One.Be.Lo the Robert Palmer of hip hop?

Recorded at Division Gallery in Detroit, the three song set was recorded at 2:30am with no sound checks and no monitors. As usual, Lo's lyrics are enriched with wordplay. Lil Wayne thinks he's a martian and that's great, but Lo would rather speak about a special lady as being out of this world and “shining in an extraterrestrial way.”

Lo makes a reference to Binary Star on “E.T.” and this comes with more good news. Lo informed me that Binary Star is back together and in the process of planning a U.S. tour. So, stay glued to his Myspace page to get those tour dates.

DoubleLo7, “Baby”

DoubleLo7, “E.T.”

DoubleLo7, “Livin' In The City”