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Whadda ya know? Two Detroit related posts in a week, now if Slum Village will get back to me regarding its latest record I can begin my editorial on who's owning 2010: Detroit or LA?

OJ Simpson is possibly one of the most gangster names for a rap duo since Smif-n-Wessun. Guilty's first appearance on wax was the Madlib produced “Strapped” on the Jaylib record in 2003. Guilty Simpson's Midwest drawl is so at home over Madlib production “Cali Hills,” the first leaked track, could have been called “Woodward Ave.” If the duo have yet to title a song “Woodward Ave.” they have my permission to borrow the idea. Or call it “M-1.” My only request is a shout out in the liner notes.

Stones Throw seems very excited about the OJ Simpson record, calling it “one of our favorite projects in a while.” All of the ST projects are my favorite, so this one feels extra special. My only gripe here is the presence of the Dilla sirens at the end of the track. Why?

OJ Simpson is out May 18 on Stones Throw.

OJ Simpson, “Cali Hills”