Doug Tuttle, “Turn This Love”

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turn this love

Doug Tuttle's identity in the former New England based psychedelic outfit, MMOSS was tagged simply as “guitarist.” Staying true to the label and taking it a few steps further in the several months since MMOSS’ breakup, Doug Tuttle’s 6-minute guitar-heavy debut solo track, “Turn This Love”, separates him from most other solo artists. Featuring expert drum, bass and vocal performances, Tuttle’s talents really shine when the song hits the 2:30 mark as the lengthy but tasteful and virtuosic guitar solo digs into your ears for the remaining 3 minutes.

Doug Tuttle’s debut self-titled album is out January 28 on Trouble In Mind. You can catch him at his debut solo performance this Saturday at the Cambrige Elks Lodge as part of Boston Hassle Fest.

1. With Us Soon
2. Forget The Days
3. Turn This Love
4. Where You Plant Your Love…Is Where It Grows
5. Lasting Away
6. Leave Your Body
7. We Could Live
8. I Won't Do
9. Sewn Day
10. I Will Leave
11. Better Days (Wool's Grown Lighter)