Ernest Gibson, “When You Get There”

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Ernest Gibson

The documents attached to Ernest Gibson's Island Records LP describe the listening experience as “a field report from some newly imagined country” in which short hand notes are “glimpsed through the wary eyes of an itinerant stranger.” Written with fine accuracy, these descriptions will meet your aural canals instantly on opening track “When You Get There”.

Whether you come to Island Records with an explorer's curiosity or the unfortunate luck of a drifter washed ashore, “When You Get There” introduces an uncharted land that's alive with the breath of ghosts and a tribal history that roars at a timbre just above the whish of the wind. The heart-pump bass and indesciperable chants are not an invitation, but a warning existing on the shoreline. Gibson placing “When You Get There” as the opening track gives the impression that upon arrival, this is your last chance to turn back and the last time you'll be safe.

Ernest Gibson's Island Records is out November 22 on Skrot Up.