Mogul Club’s Dre Dollasz focuses on “Positive Vibes”

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positive vibes

While New York City’s Mogul Club collective is packing S.O.B.s and other local venues, member Dre Dollasz is plying his craft in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania after gentrification uprooted Dollasz from his Brooklyn home. Soon after the move, he purchased a car to travel back and forth to the city, but totaled the vehicle in an accident when a car in front of him inexplicably stopped in the midst of exiting the George Washington Bridge.

Dollasz’ reaction? “Positive Vibes”, the debut track from his upcoming Green Hues 2 project. Over E-mail, Dollasz notes “a lot of self doubt” around the time of developing the track. Not only had he been separated from his crew, a reliable link to them was eradicated with the accident.

“[Positive Vibes] was me telling myself ‘you the shit so keep going,’” Dollasz said. Indeed, he produced two of Mogul Club MC Radamiz’ biggest songs so far, “Ali’s My Big Brother” and “Sumner.”

“Positive Vibes” is characteristic of Dollasz’ layered, melodic take on trap. The frantic composition is built around a rabid lead synth which gives the track electronic leanings, a “fresh” approach for Dollasz. His rapid fire rhymes meet the track’s pace during the verses, before he stops to reflect.

“Simply focus on the drive, y’all can’t get me off my vibe,” he defiantly proclaims over a subdued sequence. He’s driven to complete and release Green Hues 2 by late Summer or Early Fall of this year.

You can stream “Positive Vibes” Below.