Dream Panther, “Oh, my love // I Just Dont Wanna Stop” (Catamaran Bootleg)

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Last week, dreamy Los Angeles twosome Dream Panther caught our attention with their impressive debut EP Beyonce’s Child. It should probably be mentioned that the promo photo played its fair share in drawing both an awe and horror-inspired focus that feels like descending into a black hole. That mole alone demands at least a day’s worth of consideration! Shit, now I’m looking again…

Where was I? Oh yeah!

Today, we have the premiere of NYC producer Catamaran’s remix of DP’s EP closer “Oh, my love // I Just Dont Wanna Stop”. On the bootleg, Catamaran ups the groove of the original, turning up the notably tight and thick bassline, adding disco gazed guitars and some irie dancehall magic. The result is a melting pot of dance music that calls everyone to the center of the dance floor, even if you’re still stuck in that big butt black hole.

Dream Panther, “Oh, my love // I Just Don't Wanna Stop” (Catamaran bootleg remix)