Gibby Haynes and Jack White cover Adrenaline OD song

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gibby haynes blue series

As if we haven't given you enough reasons to head down to SxSW this March, here's one more. Gibby Haynes, frontman of the undeiably great Butthole Surfers, has released an EP with hat-wearer Jack White that will be available on limited edition flex-ray disc pressed from old medical X-rays at the Rolling Record Store in Austin, and you can only get these babies at the big festival in March. Only Third Man Records would be game to participate in those kinds of shenanigans.

The EP is called The Gibby Haynes Blue Series and is two original songs and one cover, which we've posted here, of an old, old Adrenaline OD song called “Paul's Not Home.” The song was originally released on a 1982 ROIR comp called New York Thrash, which featured early cuts of everyone from Bad Brains to baby Beastie Boys. In addition to the Haynes EP, that compilation is well worth a listen.