DSRT MTHR – “Feedback”

Alt pop duo drops mesmerizing debut single

DSRT MTHR, a duo comprising Beth Garber and Kyle Teese, marks their entry into the music scene with the release of their debut track, “Feedback.” This mesmerizing alt-pop and dance single unfolds gradually, weaving together elements of synth production, beautifully complemented by Beth’s delicate and evocative vocals. Pulsating rhythms beckon us to move in sync with the music, creating a sense of both energizing momentum with a warm, comforting ambiance.

Accompanied by a surreal and visually captivating music video, “Feedback” transports us into a world of liberation. Set in a picturesque house nestled in the heart of a tranquil forest, the video features a group of women dancing.

The video’s cinematography explores wide-angle shots to create a sense of isolation, even as the women dance together in harmony. This juxtaposition between the vast, uncharted surroundings and the communal celebration of dance within and outside the house adds depth to the overall narrative, evoking a sense of solitude amidst collective liberation. As a debut release, it promises a bright future for the duo, hinting at their potential to continue pushing creative boundaries in the realm of music and storytelling.

The duo comment on their sound: “During our exploration of DSRT MTHR’s sound, we deliberately avoided conforming to any established habits or rules, as the project was still in its early stages. Our goal was to maintain the sense of freedom we experienced during that time. There was no predetermined formula that captured what we wanted to convey or how we wanted the track to resonate. Trusting our instincts often left us questioning the coherence of the song. Although it possesses a dance-like quality, the lyrics are rich and encourage introspection. It has a pulsating rhythm that creates a meditative movement. Surprisingly, the track unintentionally revealed a narrative of everyday life, where the ordinary takes on a deeper meaning and transcendent qualities. Throughout this process, we also discovered recurring sounds and themes that continue to define DSRT MTHR.”