Superparka – quatro

Parisian duo’s new album is an effortless blend of indie, lo-fi hip-hop and psychedelia

Parisian duo Superparka, formally known as Paco and Simon, make a triumphant return with their highly awaited album, quatro. With musical inspiration extending to video game soundtracks, these two Parisian chill enthusiasts have crafted a remarkable project that effortlessly melds elements of indie, lo-fi hip-hop, electronica and psychedelic groove.

Superparka’s signature groovy drums are on full display, accompanied by multi-layered dreamy vocals in focus track, “camila.” Listeners are introduced with a pulsating synth that sets the stage for their unique chill hip-hop sound. A consistent dreamlike quality unfolds throughout the project, from the ethereal synths in “heaven drop” to the wobbling warm synth chords in previously released track, “easy,” and the delayed electric guitars in the closing track, “lavender.” On “(reprise),” Superparka masterfully employs heavy effects on electric guitars and drums, transporting listeners to an otherworldly realm.

Superparka’s commitment to the DIY ethos shines through as they skillfully blend genres, drawing inspiration from Jai Paul, Animal Collective, and video game soundtracks. With their innovative sound and infectious energy, “quatro” marks an exhilarating debut album for Superparka, poised to captivate audiences in 2023. In the lead-up to this release, they’ve tantalised fans with three enigmatic singles, further fueling excitement for the future of Superparka.

From the outset, this nine-track LP exemplifies Superparka’s experimental approach and artistic vision, exploring themes of modern isolation and the randomness of the universe. Collaborating with Taiwanese visual artist Lulu Lin and French director Pablo Padovani, they breathe life into a surreal futuristic Western aesthetic.

The duo tell us, “We come from a small city in France where being different was not really celebrated, traveling helps you understand where you belong.” Referencing Seymour, the antagonist of the video game Final Fantasy X, they conclude: “still feeling a bit ‘half men, half guados’ from time to time, but getting there!”

You can give Superparka’s quatro a spin below: