TOMI – Late Bloomer

Rising indie producer & songwriter unveils captivating debut album

TOMI, also known as Pam Autuori, has unleashed her long-awaited album, Late Bloomer, an 11-track collection that is a testament to her talent. With an electrifying guitar prowess and fervent vocals, TOMI takes us on a captivating journey through her distinctive indie sound.

Late Bloomer offers a blend of previously released tracks, including the mesmerising “NUN” and the powerful “Broad Strokes,” each complemented with striking music videos. The album also introduces nine new songs, all of which are infused with TOMI’s unique musical essence. 

Listeners will be transported into a world of nostalgia, courtesy of the psychedelic vocal echoes in tracks like “Psycho Love,” “More Time,” and “There I Go.” These songs evoke a sense of wistfulness and introspection, drawing you into TOMI’s introspective realm.

TOMI’s musical journey has been defined by her unyielding passion for songwriting and performing. Her signature style is marked by fierce guitar skills and powerful, emotive vocals that create a sense of urgency and raw emotion. She’s carved her own path, surmounting life’s obstacles with unwavering determination, and this resolute spirit shines through in every note of Late Bloomer

You can give it a spin below: