Stream Dungeon Kids’ Twin Ebb Tide EP

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In their first year if existence, Baltimore’s Dungeon Kids have released four albums, which is a greater achievement than most bands can claim in a career. Composed of Dan Windsor, Kinsey Matthews, Ben Woodworth, and Zac Yelnosky, Dungeon Kids are regulars in the Baltimore scene, recently playing shows with Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, Sun Club, and Crying. Their fourth EP, Twin Ebb Tide, came out last week and it is a solid introduction to the four piece.

Considering their name evokes a feeling of despair and darkness, the single from Twin Ebb Tide, “Sunny Smiles”, is surprisingly upbeat. Windsor says of the song, “ Whatever the song means is really up to whoever’s listening, but I will say I tried doing this thing where the first line (“will I find you by the bottom of my window soon? The view from my roof — “) sounds like one of those old school rendezvous scenes between two lovers or something where one person is waiting at the other’s window, but the perspective at the end is of someone contemplating just jumping off the roof. I don’t know how well that was established, but it was just something attempted by changing only like three words and seeing how the meaning of the whole song could be changed.”

Look out for it; the change is subtle but indeed important. 

Stream Twin Ebb Tide below and download it on bandcamp