Dylan Golden Aycock Releases Church of Level Track, Debuts Video for “Hurry Autumn”

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Never have we been so sure that it is time for Autumn to set in. After a summer ridden with enough sweat to swim in (sorry for that visual), we’re actually excited for the cool down that comes with the changing of the leaves. Never more so than when we heard Dylan Golden Aycock‘s track “Hurry Autumn”, a blissful guitar track that culminates into what sounds like a mad man’s ode to the change in season.

Not quite the mad man we envisioned, Aycock himself is a plaid-adorning Oklahoma native who was inspired at a very young age to invest his time in music. What that has led to is a career as the incredible folk finger-picking musician he is, an inspirational ideal to the masses. We weren’t familiar with his live performance until we saw the video for “Hurry Autumn”.

The video has a vintage feel to it. It is simple and beautiful, as we get to observe Aycock in his element, strumming the acoustic guitar outdoors. On a deck surrounded by greenery, an adorable dog sniffs him out as he dazzles us with The camera pans over the yard, focusing on the dog and then on the rust covered railing. It’s the perfect setting for an instrumental track like “Hurry Autumn”.

But, to be fair, the entire album is something of note. Seven songs of artfully mastered guitar, intricately woven through soft percussion to create a wave of raw sound. Not to mention Church of Level Track really does serve as the perfect backdrop to the unfolding of Autumn. Be it the opening track “Lord It Over” – the twangy strings which remind us of our American roots -, “Red Oak Black” – a melancholy track that leaves us feeling, to its credit, reinvigorated somehow -, or “Scratch The Chisel” – the perfectly placed last song that folds itself into a psychedelic world mid-track -, there isn’t a note on this album that isn’t inviting to the ears. Aycock has found his sound, perfected it, and brought it to life in a very real way.

Tour Dates
Oct. 8th – Columbia, MO – Dismal Niche Festival
Oct. 11th – Chicago, IL – The Hideout (W/ Gardener, Scott Tuma, Lake Mary)
Oct 13th – Grand Rapids, MI – TBA (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 14th – Columbus, OH – TBA (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 15th – Athens, OH – TBA (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 16th – Cincinnati, OH – TBA (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 20th – Hudson, NY – Spotty Dog (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 21st – Brooklyn, NY – The Schoolhouse (W/ Bridget St. John, Lake Mary)
Oct 22nd – Philadelphia, PA – TBA (W/ Lake Mary)
Oct. 23rd – Raleigh, NC – Neptunes Parlour (W/ Frank Meadows, Lake Mary)
Oct. 24th – Marshall, NC – Artist Studios (W/ Sarah Louise, Lake Mary)

Church of Level Track is out now.