Edison Chair, We Got History

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What we wouldn’t give to be at this weekend’s Tegan & Sara afterparty at Stubb’s Austin… why? To check out Austin, TX-based indie-rockers, Edison Chair. They’ll be releasing their sophomore EP, We Got History, and from our sneak-peak at what you can expect, it’s going to be a great time.

The band consists of lead-vocalists Rachel Thompson and Ellen Gruber, vocalist and guitarist Martin Aker, Wes Armstrong on drums/percussion, Wes Ballew on keys & Jacob Draper on the bass — and their music is just what you’d expect from six on-stage talents present: a total party. Their upbeat tempos and vocal styles fuse old with new, giving the band an ultra-trendy throwback vibe while still providing us with fresh lyrics, a great energy, and an unexpected blend of musical styles to keep you on your toes. There’s literally something for every type of music lover — whether you’re a fan of jazzy vocals, folksy lyrics, riffs on the electric guitar, or even a Big Band or acapella feel, there’s something for you.

The gorgeous female vocals are nothing short of charming, but we’re totally smitten with Martin Aker’s voice, too. The best part about the indie-rockers is their blending of musical tastes brings us one of the most unique sounds in indie rock today, ripe with that charming throw-back, old-timey sound, but infused with some folk, rock, and a ton of character. Edison Chair feels like they’re straight from another era, but in a refreshing, beautiful and fun way. We’re dying to know what they’re like in real life, so count us in. Here’s a band you’ll want to see live!

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