Earl Sweatshirt, “Chum”

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Earl Sweatshirt, Chum

Hello November, could you be a dear by bringing us an Earl Sweatshirt sophomore record? It would be Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah come early.

As you probably know by now, Earl took to the Odd Future Tumblr and his own Tumblr to post “Chum”, the first Sweatshirt track we've heard that didn't feel as though it was made just to rile us into a frenzy or was handed over to Williams Street to give us reason beyond Death Grips to scope the Summer Singles Series. This is Earl in autobiographical form, like Andre 3000 on “A Day In The Life of Andre Benjamin (Incomplete)”, over a stuttering drum pattern and a piano loop that sounds like it was played with closed fists.

There was a time when Earl shouted “Fuck Steve Harvey” for no reason in particular. Now, he's issuing fucks towards the paparazzi who hunted him down in Samoa. Stings don't it, Complex? Just like he can break down the details of spitting game with jizz stains on his jeans, he can process who tracked him for a high five and a raise at the consequence of straining his relationship with his mother. In “Chum” we, the journos, are the shark bait and Earl is the dead-eyed killer effortlessly slicing through the water with the scent of blood on his nose. We cannot think of a better way to open his sophomore record, a better way to clear the air with his biggest fans, than “Chum”. Fingers crossed.