Eat Skull, “How Do I Know When To Say Goodnight?”

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Eat Skull, III

Two years ago I mistook Eat Skull's Jerusalem Mall 7″ on Woodsist as a departure from Siltbreeze and a signign to the Woods-run label… or did I? Less of a music journo, more of a futureseer? Perhaps.

Along with the news of an official move to Woodsist comes the update that Eat Skull is still a band, since they have been living quietly in Portland for two years with only an out-of-print 7″ in circulation since the Wide And Inside LP (Siltbreeze, 2009). Always a band on a budget – living the slacker 90s dream in the Northwest – Eat Skull sounds as though it was saving every penny to record its third LP. “How Do I Know When To Say Goodnight?” sounds considerably hi-fi compared to Wild And Inside, which was a drastic improvement from Sick To Death. The swollen bassline lumbers through swirling keys and light-headed ahhs, while Rob Enbom flips through his junior high yearbook to track former girlfriend's phone numbers and discuss the halycon days of sharing McDonald's fries.

Eat Skull's III is out February 19, 2013 on Woodsist.