A Night Out With Moniker Records

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Moniker Records

I first heard about Moniker Records during an interview with astonishingly on-point duo The Hecks, (who have a 7″ coming out on Moniker in 2013) and as the phenomenon of discovery goes I suddenly couldn’t stop noticing how Moniker Records has their finger on the pulse of the expansive and innovative Midwest music scene. This Wednesday celebrate the label and its eclectic roster with possibly the best deal of 2012 (five bands, ten dollars, do the math America).

The night comprises it all, from apocalyptic space electronic (Milwaukee’s Stacian), terse rhythmic rock (Chicago’s The Hecks), pure beer-spitting punk (Kansas City’s Lazy), fuzzed nihilistic tinged folk rock (San Francisco’s Jealousy) and a not-to-be missed collaboration set between local soulful psych-crooner John Bellows and Chicago staple Ono, groundbreakers of the noise, no-wave scene since the early 1980s. A Night Out With Moniker Records will without a doubt be one to remember as long as there is a world to still recall after December 21.

A Night Out With Moniker Records happens Wednesday December 5 at The Empty Bottle. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.