Elzhi leftovers

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Detroit's Elzhi is one of those bad gift givers that just cleans out his cupboard with everything he can find, packages it up and pretends like its an acceptable gift. Lucky for us, his cupboard is filled with goodies made with Black Milk, Oh No and Jake One.

The Leftovers mixtape is a compilation of unreleased songs, remixes and collaborations Elzhi stocked up, but never found a home for. It's a well-timed gift from Elzhi, but really we're still waiting on that Ellmatic tape he promised back in April. The collection is advertised as an un-mixed-tape, which is for the best. It means no DJs, no bush league mixing work, no OJ, no straw – strictly the raw.

Get it here.

Elzhi, “Contra” (feat. Danny Brown)