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gangsta rabbi

A few things I thought of when I stumbled upon the website of Gangsta Rabbi.

  • I think this is what would have happened if LiveFastDie found religion and let their sound “evolve”.
  • I wanted to title this “The first time I've been touched by a rabbi in forever” but thought that was stupid.
  • If you scroll down his site, you see that Gangsta Rabbi is compared to “Moondog meets Jethro Tull meets Richard Hell and the Voidoids” by a DJ from Long Island. I think this is a good way to reach several markets and demographics including (but not limited to), old dudes who collect records, people who liked New York music “back then”, and white trash from Long Island.
  • Heeb and dissed him.
  • Why is Punk News a .org? What sort of organization are they? Do they give free baths to crust punks?
  • Not sure how I feel about all this.

Gangsta Rabbi, “ObamaRama Yeah”