Empress Of, “Hot N Cold”

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There are two definite truths in this world: 1) Rookie rules 2) Rookie’s monthly “Theme Song” column just keeps getting better and better (as does their site, which just got a new layout!). September’s theme song offers one of their best pairings yet – an Empress Of cover of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.” Empress Of, aka Lorely Rodriguez, takes the pop song and adds just the lightest amount of production to compliment her voice.

Rodriguez told Rookie of the cover:

This is my first cover. I’ve never made my own version of someone else’s song before, and it was so fun. Katy Perry’s music is super pop and [has] awesome choruses, so it was great to put my weird little production spin on it. Like, What would I do if I were Katy Perry? That’s kind of the same mindset when you’re producing for someone else: What would you do with their music?

Read the full interview Rookie’s Brittany Spanos here.

Empress Of’s debut record Me is out September 11 on Terrible Records/XL.

Stream “Hot N Cold” below: