Entrepreneurs remix Marina and the Diamonds

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This Friday Night we take you across the pond to England, where the weekend has already begun.

Space is the theme today, as Entrepreneurs has dubbed his version of Marina and the Diamonds' “Mowgli's Road” the space-hopper remix. That suits us just fine, because Entrepreneurs (he's the one on the left) is a self-described depressive recluse, in search of the swampy
nowhere-land between Captain Beefheart and J Dilla, whose months of quiet
scheming, floating upon dark
clouds of paranoia, fear, death, and Robocop are about to come to

Beefheart? Dilla? Robocop? If you can't appreciate all of these to the highest degree, somewhere you've gone astray and failed at life. On a totally separate topic, it's pretty funny how much Marina's voice sounds like the dude from Passion Pit.

Entrepreneurs debut EP, Uv Been Robbed (Joking But Not) will be out
this fall.

Marina and the Diamonds, “Mowgli's Road” (Entrepreneurs remix)