Eola's a capella

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eola the lords jam cover

If you know Tonstartssbandht, you may be familiar with some of the a capella tracks on last year's Miahama tape. This is like that, but piled with four extra layers of anti-commercial grade hiss, fuzz, and vacuum-spray sludge.

Welcome to Eola, a side project for the Edwin half of the Tonstartssbandht brother duo (not to be confused with another of their side [front?] projects, NASA), in which a capella loop jams go on long scuzz tangents, eventually pile-driving a full church choir of Edwins into a six track cassette appropriately called The Lord's Jam.

If there is space for hymnals to be lo-fi, this is a pretty good place to start.

Eola, “Famished Heads”

And enter some keyboard:

Eola, “Chaosos”