Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things, “Rural Pain”

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Rural Pain LP

If the font on the album cover didn't indicate the direction of the latest Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things record, then consider purifying yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things's Rural Pain exists in homage, partially to Prince's Purple Rain, but on a deeper level it seeks the language spoken by those who occupy the tiny pockets of American life. The slow gazing psychedelia of the title track is kin to Prince's eponymous song, but with a subdued approach to the sprawling solo outro. Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things ache throughout “Rural Pain” as though the fog that dominates the album cover is not accidental in design, it's representative of the murky despair that clogs up the group's songwriting process.

Chief Eyes, WIngs… songwriters Sean French and Colin Arnold expanded the lineup to a five-piece for Rural Pain, and it has resulted in breathing room. With more arms giving life to the pastiche, Eyes, Wings… are capable of a record that justifies the homage.

Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things' Rural Pain is out March 25 on Pour Le Corps and available for preorder.