Family Portrait and A. Cedermark do Underwater Peoples 7″

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Andrew Cedermark and Family Portrait split 7-inch EP album art

Underwater Peoples have very quickly shouldered up a cabal of mid-Atlantic acts that, better than any other small label, express what keeps indie rock going. The three headed monster may be bloodied and dragging its feet, but it's these sort of scuzzy, clever melodies and dabs of noise and playful jams dribbled over comfortable song palettes that form the lifeblood that keeps the beast alive.

Call it lo-fi, when it really isn't anymore. But assume “it” started with last year's summer yearnings for songs streaked with light in the front and a whole bunch of crunchy distortion in the back and blame westerners like Wavves and Best Coasts for playing on those mass whims. The Underwater Peoples Compilation pretty much nailed it, too.

Talking about the trend is of course the first stamp on its impending expiration, but really all that means is you'll have to think of some new word to explain the same thing that Pavement and Yo La Tengo would have smiled on ten or even twenty years ago. Underwater Peoples are still on the case as the leaves fall on their Washington, D.C. home base.

The split 7″ between Andrew Cedermark and Family Portrait includes one track (“Mega Secrets”) from the comp, along with three new tracks:

A1: Andrew Cedermark – Untruth
A2: Anderw Cedermark – Hard Livin'
B1: Family Portrait – Super Cool
B2: Family Portrait- Mega Secrets

No doubt worth the $7. Preorder it here.