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Upon receiving the latest offering from Denver's FLASH/LIGHTS, my thoughts were hurdled into a variety of spaces. Those slight minor key adaptations of classic dance piano synth progression brought to mind a multitude of recent musical conversations recounting the variety of European dance trends (house, progressive house, to the subprime house genre collapse) that survived the noughts to remain in the underground indie cells and sects during the oughts. Then in 2010, those Balearic-by-Belin influences exploded on the global scenes like a flood into the rich musical arsenals of today's current creative producers such as the exemplary RUMTUM, the work of Ethan Converse along with the Holy Underground collective. The electronic musical arms race, as it has been alluded to in recent debates and discussions, succeeds here in ways where the expression of the human experience are imbricated within a mechanical make up that translates the analog and digital inhibitors into new uninhibited audio conveying relatable emotion and thought.

With the new addition of the forward slash and upper case formatting in their new title; FLASH/LIGHTS' vocalist and Holy Underground head Ethan Converse expounds upon escapism from the overrated city styles and scenery singing about the inner trials and tribulations of giving out, reaching out and the pains of coming undone. The honest heart on the sleeve approach is relayed and delivered in a personal manner that is given a heightened narrative enhancement of from RUMTUM's arranged layout of empathetic cued keys. This production intertwines a Summer pop vine wreath of vintage dance pop's former futurism realized in the modern now where senti-synthi-dance tunes are made for, and from the heart. Or as Ethan sings in a hopeful proposition; “If I could take you away, we could be comfortable, it wouldn't be the worst of all if we never came back, if we never came back”.

Ethan shared some thoughts with us on the track's underlying mix of feelings with hints of what the future of FLASH/LIGHTS has in store.

“All My Love' is the first FLASH/LIGHTS release since our name change, and is a special collaboration on production between myself and fellow HUG Records artist & producer RUMTUM. Lyrically, the song like many of our others, is about escapism, and the desire to flee when struggling to feel comfortable a new city. It's also about the required patience that comes with any big change in life, whether it be a physical move or starting a new relationship. This is by far the most up-beat track we've written and there are a few more in this vein coming down the pipeline soon. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.”

The new FLASH/LIGHTS “All My Love” single is available now via Facebook for FREE DOWNLOAD.