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friendly foliage

Reading a press sheet for a 19 year old from Alabama who lists Animal Collective, Four Tet and Steve Reich as his primary influences makes me wonder, will music be celebratory and joyously noisey for the next couple years due to a few generations of teenagers' exposure to Merriweather Post Pavilion?

Formative years can hang with you, even when you think you've matured well past their influence. Case in point, I still say “tight” on occasion and listen to Outsidaz bootlegs I downloaded from Napster. I don't even do this out of nostalgia, it's a lingering reflex from the fringes of adolescence. Lucky for Garrett Crosby, the brainchild behind Friendly Foliage, his entrance into adulthood could be slightly less aggressive as mine. Instead of rolling in all piss and vinegar, he's adrift with melancholy as he crafts expansive textural field recordings set to his piano playing.

Friendly Foliage is two years deep with several EPs available for download. Bad Panda is offering his latest 11 minute opus “Masonic Meadows” for free download.

Friendly Foliage, “Masonic Meadows”