Future Death, “Cerebral Scuzz”

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Future Death Cryptids

During states of anxiety, we become our own worst enemy. Voices in our head speak simultaneously and we’re unable to parse out a single, lucid idea. Finding inspiration in chaos, Austin-based punk band Future Death manifests an inward dilemma as an extroverted celebration in their second single “Cerebral Scuzz” off their upcoming Cryptids EP. The track opens with blaring urgency and launches the band into a triumphant cacophony of frenzied guitars and distorted vocals. They invite the listener to partake in their raucous party complete with a sing-along chorus and warped riffs. The song is filled with contradictions, playing with fear and hope, confidence and desperation, inscrutable noise and comforting melodies. They make no sense, but something tells me that this self-proclaimed “space punk” band has an entirely different mission in mind.

Cryptids will be released June 23 on Bloodmoss Records. You can stream “Cerebral Scuzz” below.

Cryptids is out June 23 on Bloodmoss Records.

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