Gary Wilson makes his secret girlfriend a mixtape

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Gary Wilson

Ultra-weirdo lounge singer Gary Wilson is our least lustrous national treasure, but that description has more to do with an insistence in covering himself in trash as garments and less to do with his eccentric and brilliant pop music.

Gary Wilson's Electric Endicott was not on our Best Music of November list, despite its November 9 release date. We hate to see this happen, but recognize that Mr. Gary Wilson is probably used to it. Granted, we still have yet to hear the record, but it's Gary fuggin' Wilson! Based on smooth late 80's R&B stylings of “Secret Girl,” we're convinced it would have fit nicely with all the other 11.0s we handed out.

You know how it sucks when someone asks you “what kind of music do you like?” You know how you cringe and squirm inside at the thought of narrowing down your vast sonic prowess into three significant bands that will encapsulate your superior taste? Last night during a bar conversation on this very topic, it was confirmed that the two best answers to that question are either “go fuck yourself” or “I'll make you a mixtape” – which is just a nicer way of saying the former.

Gary Wilson seems like a nice, possibly charming dude buried beneath all his weirdness. We're basing this judgment purely on the mixtape he provided for International Tapes. We highly recommend this one, but don't try to pass it off as a gift to your significant other. It will only lead that person straight to Gary Wilson and you don't want to think about Gary and your girl getting busy to 16 tender minutes of “A Lark Descending” or The Fugs.

Electric Endicott is out now on Western Vinyl.

Gary Wilson, “Secret Girl”