Professor Calculus, CHARE EP

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Professor Calculus

Remember the batshit free awesomeness of Professor Calculus that had us longing for teenage years of abusing our Adderall prescriptions and smashing 40ozs in a grocery store parking lot? That was roughly a year ago. Professor Calculus has another free EP. It's time to stop acting like old farts and terrorize the neighborhood again.

Professor Calculus's CHARE EP is still meant to get you riled up and smash your neighbor's lawn ornaments, but it's also a focused instrumental excursion that has the Prof sticking to the mathy, indie rock stuff. It's like a revisit to The Mae Shi heyday without all that confusion as to whether we're supposed to rage for religion or rage against. Professor Calculus would much rather have you drop it like it's hot in a kiddie pool of buttermilk.

Download CHARE here.