Geronimo!, “1000 Realities”

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Geronimo! Cheap Trick

Exploding In Sound Records, only a few years old, has already become synonymous with 90s-tinged guitar, noise, fun, and a community of some of the best active musicians around. It’s the sort of label that can cultivate its own fandom; if you like one band on the imprint, you may very well like them all.

As an introduction to, and fine example of, the sound of EIS, Geronimo!’s newest single “1000 Realities” shines. Taken from their upcoming LP Cheap Trick, the song is three-and-a-half blistering minutes of noise-laced guitar rock displaying both impressive musicianship and a wacky array of guitar tones, yet somehow remaining catchy enough to keep the “I’m just a palm tree swayin’ in a hurricane” hook stuck in your head for hours. After a noise freak-out midway through the song, shouts of “It’s hard to see the future” ring out before the band descends into disjointed chaos reminiscent of EIS-labelmates Grass Is Green. Geronimo! create a world of unabashed, chaotic euphoria with “1000 Realities,” and it’s certainly a world worth getting lost in.

Cheap Trick is due for release on May 13. Stream “1000 Realities” below.