Get really personal with Dustin Wong

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dustin wong

In promotion of his new solo record Infinite Love, Dustin Wong will perform 12 separate “one-on-one concerts for fans and friends via Skype video chat.”

You got that right.

Dubbing it his “Infi-Net Love” concert series, 12 lucky, socially-special kinds will get the personal D. Wong experience. Not too many real tickets sold for this one, as the majority will be randomly placed in the hard copy of Infinite Love, Willy Wonka golden ticket style.

In the meantime, if you're still afraid of the web cam, take Dustin's word for it:

“It's Incredible, to feel like you're hanging out there in their room or the other way around.. I will play a private concert. I want to have the audience to have a special personal experience. Where we can just be human, talk, share, and receive.”

Infinite Love is out October 5 on Thrill Jockey.