GGGHOST TOWNNN, “Some Asshole Stole My Phone At Ty Segall”

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ghost town

It's not quite the end of the year yet, so we will take this opportunity to crown GGGHOST TOWNNN's “Some Asshole Stole My Phone At Ty Segall” with the highly coveted Greatest Song Title of the Year award. We've all been there, what with those young ruffians at music concerts these days always after our fancy wears, but at a Ty Segall show? That's borderline offensive. The UK three-piece recently released their Shocktopussy tape to cassette label Number4Door (whom we've shared with you before here) and in its haunted, post-punk mawping and yelling, cellular theft is clearly not the first thing on the group's mind. Trailing on for over thirteen minutes, “Some Asshole…” might initially seem a little over the top, but once you make it to the brilliantly demonic bass breakdown (yes, a bass breakdown), you'll realize that this is about much more than a phone. It's about something bigger and more existential than we could ever imagine.

Shocktopussy is out now through Number4Door, and you can pick up the six-track cassette at this link.