Fire Retarded, “Meat Stairs”

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fire retarded

If the rising success of guitar-heavy bands like Diarrhea Planet, Purling Hiss, and soon-to-dominate No Regrets Coyote haven't had you convinced that the shred is back in session, then you need look no further than Wisconsin's Fire Retarded. After we premiered the monstrous 7″ from the band this past October, they headed back into the studio to lay down the forthcoming Scroggz Manor full-length, the first track from which you can hear below. “Meat Stairs” moves fast enough for you to lose track of your own heartbeat, and as the group pounds through a hypnotic refrain, a blistering solo is not far off, making the ultimate trio of heavy shit, sludgy shit, and take-no-prisoners vocal stylings move the track through to its crashing conclusion. Hold on to your hats, if you can—Fire Retarded is going to attempt to burn them right off your head.

“Meat Stairs” will feature on Scroggz Manor, set to release on April 20, 2014 through Big Neck Records. To celebrate the new year, Fire Retarded is out on the road at the dates listed below, blazing a path of shreddy gasoline through the States and back.

31 – Madison, WI, Mickey's w/ Cribshitter, Venus In Furs
03 – Chicago, IL, Quenchers w/ Absolutely Not
04 – Indianapolis, IN, Deb's Palace of Laundry and Music w/ Apache Dropout, Hank Howl
05 – Columbus, OH, Cafe Bourbon St. w/ Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine, Army of Infants
06 – Bloomington, IN, Magnetic South w/ Vacation, Frankie And The Witchfingers
07 – Bowling Green, KY, Rocky's w/ Chuck Falcon
08 – Nashville, TN, House Show w/ No Regrets Coyote
09 – Memphis, TN, Buccaneer w/ The Sheiks, Gopes Busters
10 – Jackson, MS, CS Burgers w/ Overnight Lows
11 – Austin, TX, Hotel Vegas
12 – Fort Worth, TX, TBA w/ War Party
13 – Dallas, TX, w/ Taqueria Pedritos W/ Party Static
14 – Fayettesville, AR, JRs Lightbulb Club w/ Pagiins, Resin Hands
15 – Springfield, MO, Outland Bar w/ Dirtnap
16 – Lawrence, KS, Replay Lounge w/ Witch Jail, Psychic Heat
17 – Omaha, NE, O'Leavers w/ Pro Magnum Dumb Beach, Coaxed
18 – Madison, WI, High Noon Saloon w/ Diarrhea Planet, Weekend, Nothing